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The Company was founded on 14.10.2016 under the name "TERNA ENERGY FINANCE SINGLE PERSON SOCIETE ANONYME" and the distinctive title "TERNA ENERGY FINANCE S.P.S.A.". The Company, has as a statutory purpose, the investment and financing of its activities and / or its affiliated companies and businesses, the mediation in the financing of the affiliated and associated with the Issuer companies by third parties and, in general, the raising of funds on behalf of these companies, the provision of services and advice to affiliated companies and businesses regarding the structure of capital and generally their financing, as well as, in general, the performance of any activity, project, service and general action or any other activity which is relevant to the above purposes or generally occurs in the context of achieving all or some of them.

Essentially, this is an amount of capital that is intended to be utilized for the implementation of investments, which TERNA ENERGY SA, the sole shareholder of Terna Energy Finance S.P.S.A., has selected or will have to select.

According to the Company's Articles of Association, which are registered in the general electronic commercial registry shareholding of the Company, its duration is set at one hundred and ten (110) years starting from the date of its legal establishment and ending on the corresponding date of year 2126.



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